Southland Mall Renovation – Morrow, Georgia

Eldeco Inc.

Crawford McWilliams, Hatcher Architects

This mall renovation in suburban Atlanta required fabrication for both interior and exterior spaces. The exterior work included fabrication for lighted entrance pylons topped with stainless steel column capitals, painted aluminum spires, and spheres.

The interior fabrication continues the theme established by the exterior entrance. The interior light fixtures in the food court include custom perforated stainless steel with painted aluminum column capitals.

Exterior Custom

AMI fabricates custom exterior work from aluminum, stainless steel or as part of a large assembly of various materials (as designed and specified by the client). AMI's ability to engineer our fabrications enables us to create products that will resist common loads such as wind loads, snow loads, live loads, etc.

We work to exacting tolerances in our shop and offer a number of unique and exciting tools to help you realize your vision. Our ability to create custom perforations, laser cut panels, welded corners and finish with a variety of treatments allows us to help you create everything from functional designs to signature elements.

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