Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose American Metalcraft Inc.?

Since 1986, American Metalcraft Inc. continues to lead the way in quality, innovation and design. We are proud of our long term team members that bring excellence, top-notch skills and creative solutions to each and every project. Our expertise is unmatched –from design-concept to production, our team is there to assist you every step of the way. Because we manufacture a variety of products in addition to wall panels, you can have your sunshades, column covers and brake metal fabricated alongside the rest of your panel project and painted in the same facility. With our sister company, Finishing Dynamics, as part of our in-house production, we control the process from start to finish- literally. Customers aren’t relegated to standard colors and can choose from almost limitless color options including micas, two-tones and splatter finishes. Unlike pre-coat coil, there’s no minimum order to get a custom color. Post-fabrication painting offers the best protection of edges, covering welds and corners like no other process.

What metal thickness should I specify?

Talk to your panel manufacture regarding metal thickness and engineering. Max width would be 54” to allow 6” for flanges.

Metal Gauge Edge Condition Systems Available
.063 Flange

RS100, 200 300

BP200, BP100

.080” Flange

RS100, 200, 300

BP200, BP100

.090” Flange

RS100, 200, 300

BP200, BP100

.125” Flange RS100, 200, 300, BP200, BP100
.190” Flange

BP100, BP200


.190”/.25” Sheared edge RS400

What are some common panel sizes?

Unfolded Panel sizes for Flanged Edge Condition

Standard Aluminum Sheet Sizes Panel Face + Flanges Number of Panels per Sheet
36” 30” + 6” 1
36” 12” + 6” 2
36” 6”+6” 3
48” 42”+6” 1
48” 18” + 6” 2
48” 10” + 6” 3
60” 54” + 6” 1
60” 24” + 6” 2
60” 14” + 6” 3

*72” wide is available on a job to job basis

What is the difference between the RS100* and RS400?

The patented RS100* is our most economical system and offers many design options. It can be installed vertically, horizontally, straight or in a brick pattern and has a formed flange edge condition. The RS400 is a thicker gauge metal with sheared edges – giving a crisp and clean line look.

What kind of substrate is needed for your panel systems?

Our panel systems can be installed over sub-girts utilizing a hat channel to “hang the panel” or Z-clips.

Are all panels systems considered pressure equalized rainscreen system?

No. Only those that are tested in accordance with AAMA 508 and pass the 4 rigid test requirements. AMI test results available upon request.

What is the lead-time?

Lead times will vary by project size.

Are shop drawings available?

Yes – we can provide shop drawings or customers can provide their own.

What type of paint and warranty are available?

We use high performance PVDF (fluoropolymer) coating and are an approved applicator for Sherwin Williams, Akzo Nobel and PPG through our sister company Finishing Dynamics. Warranties of up to 20 years are available; however, some exotic finishes and other colors will have a different warranty. Need help in choosing the right coating? Give us a call so we can help you select the right coating for your project.

Do you require a minimum order?

We don’t require a minimum however, having at least 1,000 square feet will allow for more economical pricing.

What design options do you offer?

Being a leader in the metal manufacturing industry, we offer design assist when needed and have many options available. Call us to schedule a consultation.

What about combustibility?

Our products are 100% aluminum and are not combustible.

What colors are available?

You have almost limitless PVDF options with our color match technology and custom color options. We can match school and corporate logo colors, branded colors, etc.

How do I select a color?

We are here to help – Email us for more information on coating options for your project. If you’re looking to match an existing color, talk to us about the job and then send in what you have for matching. Not sure where to start and need some inspiration? Click here and review colors labeled as “extrusion,” and check out our sister company website, Finishing Dynamics.

Once the color choice is made and approved, paint codes will be provided by customer prior to purchase order and # of coats.

Are custom sizes available?

Yes. We approach each project with the intent to achieve the architect and owner’s vision with the best products available – custom sizes can be part of that and we do offer them.

*Patent Pending