Nationwide Insurance Parking Garage

Columbus, Ohio
Moody/Nolan Limited

Scope of Work

For pedestrian safety and security, the openings in this concrete parking structure were covered with louvers. The structural concrete parking deck supports precast concrete panels that carry aluminum framing and louvers fabricated by AMI.

The precast concrete panels allow the louvers to be attached at regular intervals rather than attaching to the sloping ramp system behind the precast panels. This design allows the parking garage to present a uniform and ordered public facade. Without this system, pedestrians would plainly see the sloping structural concrete ramps of the parking deck.

The horizontal oval blades (8″ deep) and vertical aluminum mullion supports were shop assembled by AMI. Once delivered to the job site, the erector unloaded the grilles from a flatbed truck and installed them. The method of shop assembly and shipping facilitates minimal on-site storage.

Detail view

Sunscreens & Grills

AMI fabricates sunscreens and grills from aluminum and stainless steel. Aside from adding visual interest to the exterior envelope of your building, sunscreens and grills can reduce the heat load. Grills, in particular, can play an important role in securing parking garages, loading docs and mechanical areas. For example, many parking decks use an egg crate grill in the first few floors of the deck to prevent anyone from gaining access without passing through a security check point.

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